We are dedicated to creating unadulterated, effective remedies focused in a
product line addressing foundational issues disrupting health.

We take great pride creating products that are the purest
and most powerful we can offer.

• All plant materials are either certified organic or custom wild crafted.

• All plant materials are never altered with heat, radiation or freezing temperatures.

• Liquid extracts are made with Non-GMO alcohol processed to remove gluten.

• Extracts have 1:1 - 1:1.5 menstruum ratios using dried herbs and distillation times are minimally 6 weeks, and often span 6 months.  Longer distillation times create stronger concentrates.

• All teas and powdered formulations are excipient-free (filler free).

• Powdered supplements are never damaged by heat during the powdering process, leaving them bursting with their naturally occurring therapeutic properties.

These factors provide a production landscape perfect for
creating outstanding quality formulations.

WR is so sure you'll LOVE our products, we offer a 45 day no-questions-asked guarantee of satisfaction.