Tracy I.
Armour always gets rid of my sore throat - and usually with just one dose!

Kristen M.
This is, by far, the best Echinacea I’ve ever used. If you start to get a scratchy or sore throat – this will knock that issue out! FAST! You will not get that nasty cold you are used to, after those systems arrive. It is my opinion, that if you use this product on a regular basis (not necessarily every day – but once/twice a week or so) for routine maintenance you will not get sick as often. I’ve been using this product for years. I encourage everyone to give it a try.

Mike S.
I must say how much I LOVE THIS!!!! I was gifted my first bottle for an irritable throat & some teeth issues, and this stuff soothed and helped on all counts. All I can say is that it works for me and I would highly recommend it to anyone else in similar need. Great stuff!

Alison A.
On my third bottle of echinacea…hands down the most superior quality product. Cold, Flu, Scratchy throat from allergies…or just to give my immune system a boost. Every Wise Remedy product I’ve tried has far surpassed effectiveness of other brands I’ve ever used ... and I’ve tried many! I’m so pleased with this product line that I intend to give it as Christmas presents to my family members!

Jackson B.
I’ve tried Echinacea of all kinds without much result. I’ve used this brand of echinacea for years and it’s mind blowing – super powerful, works quick. Taken at the onset of cold or flu, it knocks it completely out of your body. If you have headache from stuffiness and/or congestion, you get very quick relief. My sore throat is gone in about 30 seconds of taking the remedy. If you use echinacea at all, THIS PRODUCT IS THE ONE TO USE. I can't recommend it enough.

Kathy K
I have been using Wise Remedies wonderful Armour for about 8 years. It is fabulous. I take a dropper full at the very beginning when I start to feel sick with the flu or a cold. And it gets rid of it soon - once within 1/2 an hour! It is wonderful.


Adri C.
I have been using Reee-Lief for awhile and this brand is definitely the best. It helps reduce my anxiety and lower my stress. The value for the price is great, and I love the 2 oz size!

Tracy I.
This product gives me a more sound sleep and also helps me with muscle spasms.

The best quality tinctures I've come across in 20 years. I've wasted ALOT of money on these products at health food stores,etc. Very happy to find a top quality product that actually works! Can not say enough good things about the quality of this product line. Superior products. Will NEVER buy anywhere else! Sleeping like a ....normal person should! It feels great.

Awaken UP! & Enlighten UP!

I take use both Awaken Up! and Enlighten Up! every day and they make an ENORMOUS difference in my energy levels, concentration and mood. I feel way more alert and perky and both my physical and mental equilibrium are much improved.


Michelle R.
If you are used to bloating and feeling mildly irritated/anxiety filled before your menstrual cycle - this product will alleviate that. The taste is a bit harsh, but worth it!! You'll take this product and then one day realize, WOW - my body and mood are more consistent in its look and feel. It is a change you don't recognize right away because you feel good. But when you do realize that you are not bloated or have not gotten easily irritated, it hits you just how good this product is!!


I tried this tincture and was truly amazed with the results. My allergic symptoms were reduced to about half the normal intensity and my energy levels improved within two weeks. After a month, my immune system worked much better. After 6 weeks of use, my allergic reactions were almost entirely gone, and the best part is my sex drive is greatly improved!

Stanley D.
Awesome tincture/supplement. I am amazed at how effective this has been for me. I was skeptical at first, because with most supplements or vitamins or tinctures I've taken over the years, I either notice no difference, or a minimal one. But after the first month with this, I began to notice my energy level sustaining throughout the day & evening -- without coffee. (And I had been wanting to get off coffee due to the "artificial" energy boosts, which then messes with the body in other ways.) In conjunction with taking this tincture and stopping coffee, I stopped eating sugar too (for the most part). After 3 months, I've lost 10 pounds. And I wasn't even expecting to lose weight using this. I just wanted to get my energy level back, and boost my immune system. (And maybe boost my libido too). Taking this tincture has done ALL this, plus the weight loss. Kudos to the maker of this. It's hard for me to believe this has worked, but it has!

Simply the best tincture for men I've ever encountered! If you want increased vitality, stamina, energy and sex drive, this is does the trick! I've always been active, but the this tincture took my activity level up more than a notch or two. My workouts are better and this remedy even had an incredible effect on my emotional being and outlook. I highly recommend this!


Angela W.
Fantastic with reducing swelling & lowering pain without addictive properties!