Overcoming Chronic Health Issues With Anthony William, Part II

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If you’re like many others, you’ve been dealing with chronic, mystery or long term health issues. Perhaps you’ve had a host of MD’s diagnoses. Or perhaps you’ve tried one or many recommended medical treatments for your present condition. And maybe you’ve finally detoured to alternative healing wisdom in search of results that seem to be a golden carrot always hanging just beyond your present reach.

You are not alone – hundreds of thousand of people suffer with health conditions of all kinds for which the medical community does not have solutions … even though they claim to have understanding of those health conditions. Modern healing arts has yet to fully digest the hazards causing modern health issues. Without a clear understanding of causes, those practicing healing arts are left only to chase down symptoms and in so doing, rob patients and clients of the solutions they so desperately seek.

For the past four decades, Mr. Anthony William has been helping people overcome exactly these issues using all natural healing methods with great success. In the first part of this three part series, Mr. William helped us understand just how prolific viral infections are and what challenges liver function, all of which essentially cause additional, cascading health problems. [Available in AGENDA print Issue #10 here.]

Much of what is covered here is unconventional. So once again, I do suggest: one cannot fill a cup that is already full. So cast wide open the doors of mind, and let’s take a Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride into the unknown, and hopefully a road heading down the highway to health.

Viral and liver cleansing are closely tied. With the idea that I’m nutshelling the processes outlined in a couple of Mr. William’s books:
• viral cleansing turns upon avoiding foods and chemicals that feed viruses; cleansing heavy metals; reducing fat consumption and using foods, supplements and herbs that kill off viruses and promote cleansing and healing;
• liver cleansing turns upon allowing the liver the space to eliminate properly and hydrate; eating foods, supplements and herbs that provide detoxification and healing; ensuring the liver has an adequate, unencumbered glucose supply; monitoring fat intake (no matter the fat source); and avoiding foods that feed viruses.

MW: If someone has a mystery illness or cascading health issues that have turned into one or multiple diagnoses, can you tell us how best to approach viral or liver cleansing without causing undo fallout? In other words, how can they engage in doing these things without causing a more difficult time detoxing?

AW: One thing you can do is take away foods that are feeding the viruses versus just going after the viruses and killing them off. So it’s a gentle approach when someone is highly toxic. That’s when someone can slowly start adding in Medical Medium tools to help. The liver has heavy metals in it, and they are in other places in our body. Our liver has viruses, as do other places in our body. And this combination of viruses and other poisons and toxins that include heavy metals create sickness. Things like rheumatoid arthritis, psoriatic arthritis, eczema, psoriasis, fibromyalgia, CFS, Lyme disease, Hashimoto Thyroiditis, endometriosis, PCOS. It’s endless how many symptoms and conditions pathogens plus toxins cause. Medical research and science are unaware of this. There’s all kinds of viruses and each has many different mutations, all of which cause different problems. For example, there’s an undiscovered variety of the shingles virus that doesn’t cause pustule rashes but does cause trigeminal neuralgia (pain in the jaw, face and head), etc.

MW: For people who do have those longer standing health issues, would it be necessary to do a viral cleanse that exceeds 3 months or more than 2 to 3 liver cleanses per year to fully return to health?

AW: Yeah, if someone’s really toxic, really sick and weakened by health issues, they have what I call neurological fatigue. This is when your nerves are so inflamed they’re causing fatigue from an underlying viral load that’s producing neurotoxins that are weakening the nervous system. This can leave someone constantly weak and tired. In this weakened state, someone in this situation can’t handle a lot of detoxifying. You can’t even take them off all the food that feeds viruses, because taking them off that food is too hard on them. But where you start is instead of a really intense deep cleansing of any kind, is the 369 Liver Cleanse in Liver Rescue. It is really gentle, but powerful. The Thyroid Healing cleanses are gentle also. I mean really gentle for people who are really chronically ill. I explain in Thyroid Healing and Liver Rescue simple and gentle ways to start healing and strengthening the body so more can be done in due time. One way you could start with people that are really sick is take away a handful of foods that feed the very bugs that are hurting them, such as eggs, dairy and gluten. Then move forward from there.

MW: My take on reading your material, it seems that most people are going to have a viral load in which case they are also going to have a challenged liver. So how do they tackle both and is there an order you think is best?

AW: Yes. Again, the best first step is to remove foods that feed pathogens. You can read any of my books to understand which foods these are and why they are problematic. Alternative medicine has become as successful as it is today because you are told to remove processed foods, and that can move some people forward. But unfortunately it doesn’t heal the root cause because both conventional and alternative medical communities aren’t aware of the true causes of so many illnesses and symptoms. But removing processed food still helps. When it comes down to people who are really chronically ill and they’re suffering with all these different diagnoses or non-diagnoses and symptoms like aches, pains, tingles and numbness, burning pain, roaming pain, neck pain, headache, jaw pain, eye pain, blurry vision, floaters in the eyes, migraines, different sensations throughout the body, heart palpitations that aren’t explainable, and you remove processed foods, dairy products and gluten, you might get some results and they think they found the holy grail out there. But there’s much more to it and it won’t help truly heal someone with a chronic illness long term.

When people are really sick with all these different conditions and symptoms, you need to go further and that’s when it’s about killing off viruses and bacteria, cleansing and supporting the liver, detoxifying heavy metals, getting the right supplementation, the right zinc, it’s those kind of things. Bringing in Medical Medium tools such as celery juice and the Heavy Metal Detox Smoothie and the other healing information I share is very important for someone dealing with a chronic illness or symptom.

Here’s the thing: medical communities are unaware of why gluten is problematic. They think glutens are an allergenic protein because wheat and other grains have been tampered with for 50 years. They don’t realize a simple truth: when you take away gluten, you’re taking away the very food that’s been feeding Streptococcus (Strep), E. Coli, Staphylococcus (Staph), Epstein Barr Virus (EBV), Cytomegalovirus, Human Herpes virus 6 (HHV 6), Shingles. And the same thing with eggs and dairy.

MW: In terms of viral and liver cleansing, would you do liver or viral first?

AW: I would go with a gentle liver cleanse like the one that’s in Liver Rescue, which is called Liver Rescue 3:6:9. I would show your health practitioner or doctor the supplement section of the book and try to match something that you’re dealing with, and start taking 1 or 2 of the supplements in that list and you can build from there. That’s where I would start.

MW: In Liver Rescue you say that the epidermal layer of the fat in the skin is an extension of the liver and I was hoping you could elaborate just a little bit, and does the lymphatic system play a part there?

AW: Well, what happens is the lymphatic system’s job is to basically protect the liver. The lymphatic system is a secondary liver filter. Your liver’s immune system is trying to kill bugs and the lymphatic system is that safety net for everything that escapes the liver that shouldn’t escape the liver, whenever the liver is toxic, weak, stagnant and sluggish. So the lymphatic system is a kind of safety net to catch anything else. The epidermal layer of the skin is the area that ends up collecting all of the different poisons the liver is releasing that end up causing things like vitiligo, Lichen Sclerosis, eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis, and more. Strep bacteria ends up there too because it’s in the lymphatic system, goes to the epidermal layer and produces acne.

MW: So logic would then assume that as the liver becomes more healthy, you restore a more youthful, supple look to the skin.

AW: Yes, that would be the goal.

MW: Women should be invested in the health of their skin because it is the unspoken foundation of fashion. I also feel healthy skin is a true key to motivating people to really invest in becoming more healthy in what they do.

AW: Yes, if you want the best skin possible, it’s important to take care of your liver so it can help your skin.

MW: Do you feel women are treated differently than men by the medical community?

AW: Women suffer. It’s actually a gender issue. In the 1950s, 1960s and ’70s, you have women filling doctor’s offices for the first time in history reporting new, never-before-seen symptoms of chronic and mystery illness. They were complaining of symptoms but weren’t really given the time of day. They were often told it was in their heads or that they needed an outlet.

MW: And they were let down.

Women suffrage General Rosalie Jones, Jessie Stubbs, and Colonel Ida Craft, carrying a banner with a notice for a ”Woman Suffrage Party Mass meeting. (Source: Flickr Commons project, 2008)

AW: Yes, you know how it works. You’ve probably seen so much of it throughout your lifetime just like I have. This has become a disempowerment of women–keeping them down by telling them their bodies are faulty. Telling women their body’s are attacking themselves. That their immune system is destroying its thyroid, it’s destroying its glands, it’s destroying its organs. That it’s their genes, that’s why they’re sick.

And this is ultimately what research and science does – it protects itself and makes it look like they have all the answers. It’s not the doctors that are the problem; it’s science and research. Doctors are incredibly compassionate, well-meaning people who genuinely want to help, and on so many levels provide life-saving medicine. Without doctors it would be unimaginable, but so much of chronic illness and how t heal is not understood yet.

Bringing part two to a close: 
If my memory serves me well, most mystery and chronic illness were largely diagnosed in the female of the species. Of recent, men are now being diagnosed with similar issues. Going back in time to the turn of the 20th century, it was quite common that the doctor would deliver any diagnosis of a married female to the husband. It was at the man’s discretion to even share the diagnosis with the person who was sick, his WIFE!! (Can you feel my ire from there?)

In percolating upon Mr. William’s comment about gender issues in the medical landscape, some rather far reaching questions surface: I wonder if the health issues affecting women were blown off specifically because men were not yet affected by them, thus they could only be a figment in the mind of irrational women not capable of clear, logical thought. Before you throw that last comment out as sounding like an embittered, ridiculous rant. Remember! In the 1920’s when women were fighting for the right to vote, the prevailing opinion of women was that they were of inferior intelligence, given to emotional hysterics they could not control and incapable of clear, logical, intellectual thought.

….. hmmm.  Interesting blast from the past (literally 100 years ago)!

I also wonder if the present attention now being given to these issues happens because there are more female medical researchers and doctors. While this may seem a digression, it is indeed part of the landscape women must navigate on their path to health.

Join us for part three with Anthony William where we will explore some final thoughts on less commonly talked about health issues.

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